DID was grantedUSD$ 35,000 by IFADIndigenous peoples Assistance Facility IPAF to implement a livelihood support project in GamoGofa zone, Chencha woreda in the SNNP region.

The objectives of project were: improving the local livelihood through promotion of Enset foodstuff, upholding the enset food processing knowledge systems by the indigenous women and finding labour easing technologies, increasing the traditional enset disease prevention efforts by group of indigenous women by enabling them to share local knowledge systems on enset disease control knowledge systems)and enhancing diversity of enset varieties by supporting the women farmers in getting the lost varieties.

The project has enabled 100 women from different households in the Southwest Ethiopia who depend on enset to acquire labor easing appropriate methods of food processing from the staple enset crop, quality enset food production that fetched a good market value, protecting the enset varieties through seed multiplication of the endangered varieties and to apply synergetic indigenous disease prevention methods.