Dere Integrated Development Action

Background of DIDA

Dere Integrate Development Action (DIDA) is a CSO established in 2013 by professionals from different field of studies and elders from Gamo Highlands in Southwest Ethiopia. Dere’ means both community and the landscape in Gamo language in Southwest Ethiopia. The founders have adopted the word DERE to depict the essence of sustainable development.

DIDA has been registered as an Ethiopian Residents charity under the Charities and Societies Proclamation No 621/2009 with the registration No 2961 thereby having been licensed to accomplish its mission and objectives bringing sustainable development to the communities through inter-generational transfer of wisdom in various sectors. DIDA is also re-registered with Agency for Civil society Organizations as local organization based on the new 1113/2019 proclamation.


To see Ethiopian rural and urban communities living socioeconomically descent lives culturally and biologically diversified and with healthy environments to the satisfaction of both the present and future generations.


Designing and implementing life changing development programs and projects on livelihood schemes that alleviate economical marginalization among youths and community & strength inter-generation linkage, minimize and alleviate climatic change risks and deepening poverty in collaboration with relevant stakeholders so as to ensure holistic sustainable development.

Project Implementations

Improving the Socio-Economic Situation of the Zardo community through Road Connectivity (2019- 2020)

The project is being implemented in Chencha woreda with grant support from the USA embassy of Addis Ababa and…

Building the Resilience, Supporting Enset Production Gamo Indigenous Community, Ethiopia

The sub-program component includes: Improving the local livelihood through promotion of Enset foodstuff, Upholding the enset food processing knowledge…

Improving the environment protection and biodiversity conservation

The goal of this project is to augment environment protection and biodiversity conservation through, strengthening traditional institutions and by…

Enhancing Local Economic Development Opportunities for Youth, girls and Women linking with traditional Weavers and cloth sellers of Gullele sub-city shiro-Meda area, in Addis Ababa City.

“Enhancing Local Economic Development Opportunities” Aimed at enabling the youth and women to generate income and improving the Livelihood…

Improving the Livelihood of women of Southwest Ethiopia who Depend on Enset crop (2015-2018)

DID was grantedUSD$ 35,000 by IFADIndigenous peoples Assistance Facility IPAF to implement a livelihood support project in GamoGofa zone,…

Improving the Waste Collection and Building the Self-esteem of Weaving Communities Dwelling in the Slums (2014- 2016)

DID was granted USD$ 30,000 by Civil Society Support program (CSSP) for the project that aimed at improving the…

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